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How to engage your volunteers

Accept donations

Members accepting donations should have a basic understanding of how is used.

The following four points suffice:

  • People have selected tasks (donations) on and collected them in a mission.

  • People who come to the initiative to complete tasks (make donations) have received a QR code for their mission (by email or on and have it on their smartphone.

  • TODO: The QR code must be scanned with a smartphone and the link displayed at the end of the list must be clicked.

  • Visiting the link completes the mission for the initiative and the person.

Scan QR Code

Set and coordinate tasks

Each member who is entrusted with the administration of tasks must be assigned the Coordination role.

All opportunities for this role are described on the Tasks page.

This task requires a certain training period and an overview of the need for donations and should therefore be taken on by members with a longer-term commitment.

In addition, coordinators can also take over the supervision of the P2P Module. However, this task should only be assigned to members who have already gained experience in coordinating tasks.